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Hypnotix is a dub band from Prague in Czech Republic.

Yes! HYPNOTIX are back with a new album, a new sound, a new guitarist and a new frontman.
For those of you unfamiliar with HYPNOTIX, they were born in Prague around 1990, about a year after the Velvet Revolution. As Reggae music spread its good vibes throughout the newly democratic nation, a scene developed in Prague harnessing the abundant energy and talents of a generation of musicians suddenly free from the heavy yolk of communist ideology. At the forefront of this musical revolution was HYPNOTIX a band quite unusual from other reggae bands in the fact that they boasted a Senegalese dub-poet as their frontman. Burama Badji and Michal Ditrich soon began to chart unexplored territory in the Reggae/Dub world with the assistance of Michal's percussionist wife Milada Ditrichova, keyboardist Premysl Urban and guitarist Petr Pokorny. Drummer Lubos Hnat either split from the band or was asked to leave after the groups' third effort "Right Time"; it all depends on who you ask. But this did nothinig to stifle the band's creativity and "Witness of our time" was their strongest effort to date. But even as the band were growing creatively and seeking new challenges and new experiences, their popularity in the Czech Republic was pretty much limited to Prague; the rest of the country were apparently ignoring them or simply couldn't understand what the band was all about (50 years of isolation from the outside world left most people here with sadly undeveloped tastes in popular music). As a result the band was forced to rely on audiences in Germany, Holland, Norway and England to give the band the appreciation and support they genuinely deserved.
Times change and so do people. Following the album "Kumah" Bourama left the group . Bourama remains in Prague and enjoys a career as a poular DJ in local clubs. He specializes in African/Reggae sounds. But the departure of their much loved and revered frontman/poet did not bring the groups existence to an end. Bangladeshi born singer Moshin Mortaba who had appeared on "Kumah" was asked to step in as the new frontman. Classically trained in Bengali music, Moshin brought a very new flavour to HYPNOTIX's sound. Where Bourama was all spoken word thunder and power, Moshin was a cool breath of intricate melody and stunning vocal technique. The next album "Bagua" showcased Moshin's unique singing style paired with a much leaner sound from the band. Also on board was guest vocalist MC Strictly Orange formally of the Prague hitmakers SKYLINE. The combined force of Moshin and Strictly remains a very unique entry in the band's musical history. "Bagua" even made the top 20 list in New Age Reporter (#12). but despite the critical successes, the album sold poorly and led to some disillusionment on the part of some band members. Petr Pokorny decided to leave the group shortly after "Bagua's" release. Vladimir Keicher (affectionately known as 'Kei') formerly of the Prague based hip-hop/funk/rock crossover act SPACE JUNKIE was asked and agreed to fill in the guitar slot bringing a fresh sound to the band. But Moshin began to feel at odds with the other members of the band. While working on new material it was felt that his work ethic was not up to the standards that the other members were used to. Moshin was kindly asked to leave and once again the band began scouting for a new frontman.
Their attention came to rest on Ego L. Din (TN Ephraim Goldin), a long time Prague resident originally from Toronto, Canada. Ego first came to Prague in 1995 and quickly established himself as a presence on the Prague music scene as a vocalist and persussionist. Specializing in the Djembe, Ego is one of those credited with bringing the instrument to the Czech Republic and helping to train and educate the first wave of Czech Djembe players. Several of Ego's students are now teaching classes of their own and have their own groups. Ego has been in several bands the most well known being Prague Roots Reggae legends HERMAKUTI and pop/dance darlings NANA ZORIN. in 2005 Michal and Milada approached Ego and asked him to collaborate with them on a new project. He agreed and the result is "Where the Spirit lives". Ego's soulful singing style and his explosive Djembe playing have pushed the band in yet another sonic direction. While it has been argued among critics as to whether Ego's presence is a hinderance or a benefit, there is no doubt that the band is once again attracting public attention. A divisive figure known for his moody behavior, Ego (the stage name is fitting!) can be as charismatic as he can be overbearing; sincere well as utterly pretentious. Reclusive when not performing, he has been described by some critics as 'a wraith on the Czech music scene.' Ego is also a sometime film actor appearing in "Running Scared" (2005) and has just completed work on "Narnia II: Prince Caspian" slated for release some time in 2008.
Needless to say HYPNOTIXare back! with a new sound and some new people. "Where the Spirit lives" is selling well in the Czech Republic and the disk is getting some notice abroad (radio play on several college campus radio stations in the U.S. and Canada). The band has upcoming dates in the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey and Germany. Please visit the band's website at www.hypnotix.cz or check them out at www.myspace.com/hypnotixband for downloads, photos, and videos http://www.youtube.com/studiobubny.
more fire, more blessings.
Michal Ditrich - Bass Guitar, programming
Milada Ditrichova - Percussions
Premysl Urban - Keyboards and samples
Vladimir 'Kei' Keicher - Guitars
Ego L. Din (Ephraim Goldin) - Vocals, Djembe, live drum samples
Colin Stewart - Sound engineer



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