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Bio of Bergen

1) indie folk band from dresden, germany.

2)lived between 1961 - 1989. full name: belgin sarılmışer. bergen was one of the most popular female vocalists at 80's in Turkey and an icon of Turkish arabesque. she quit her job at turkish post office when she was 17 and got on stage. most memorable song from bergen is "acıların kadını". this is also her album's name which was released in 1986 and also the best selling album of the year. bergen also took a part in a movie named "acıların kadını". her life was full of misery and pain, bergen's husband first poured acid in to her face and she lost one eye. so on the photo you see at her profile, she covers half of her face with hair. and her husband was put in prison, after he went out bergen was murdered by him on the road to Adana. you may still think turkish movies are toooo kitcsh and exaggerated.

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